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Video of Audrey
Audrey Skydiving

photo by: Dr. James Spencer

Dr. Audrey Levy was born in Paterson, New
Jersey, the youngest of three children. After
graduating from Boston University with a
Bachelor's Degree from the School of
Education, she moved to Los Angeles,
California in 1975 to pursue a career as a

She got sidetracked by working for a Clinical Psychologist, and ended up becoming a Doctor of Psychology and licensed Marriage and Family Therapist herself, but never gave up her dream of becoming a professional writer.

Dr. Levy is the author of a dozen screenplays,
two of which advanced to the finals in Steven
Spielberg's "Chesterfield Competition," and
one of which advanced to the finals in Robert
Redford's "Sundance Competition."

Dr. Levy has also been published in the Los Angeles Times and New West Magazine. She lives in Marina Del Rey, CA on a houseboat
with Kelly, a very happy dog, who smiles.