Noelle's Ark
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Jimmy Splendor was an atheist. When he woke up in Heaven, he didn’t believe he was
dead, and he certainly didn’t believe he was in Heaven. Greeted by his father, whom he
hated on Earth, Jimmy took off running for seven years Earth time (which is really only a
few minutes in Heaven). He finally met an angel named Oleo, who encouraged him to help
his former wife, Noelle, who was still having severe nightmares years after Jimmy’s

Jimmy and Oleo visit Noelle in her dreams, and stimulate her to write a book about her
life in order to purge her emotional baggage. Through the innovative method of written
conversations with the angels of her loved ones, including her parents, this compelling
work is deeply felt and personal. It is also particularly inspirational, in that it describes how
one can use the process of writing as a means of examining and dealing with the most
painful episodes of one’s life. Noelle’s Ark is a powerfully cathartic and spiritual
experience—one you will never forget.